Name: Traveler
Price: 245.00 USD



Donator ranks are a great way to show your support and cooperation to the server's upcoming developments and improvements. Each rank provides you with commands unique to it, listed under the categories of perks, kits, and commands.



  • Join the server when full
  • Get a Star Prefix unique to your donor rank in Tab
  • Ability to double jump (except on PvP areas).
  • Ability to teleport instantly (Remove all teleportation time).
  • Ability to use color codes on signs.
  • Access to /warp Traveler
  • Access to /kit Traveler
    • The kit's contents are listed below.
  • Access to /feed
    • Satisfy your appetite. 
  • Access to /heal 
    • Heal yourself from injuries.
    • 2-Minute cooldown.
  • Access to /invsee
    • Display what others have in their inventories.
  • Access to /nick
    • Ability to /nick with color codes and formatting.
  • Access to /hat
    • Set blocks/banners as your hat.
  • Access to /ptime
    • Control your in-game time.
  • Access to /craft
    • Opens a virtual crafting table to craft an item.
  • Access to /ci
    • Clears your entire inventory.
    • Get rid of unwanted items.
  • Access to /nightvision
    • Illuminate your vision in the darkness.
  • Access to /echest
    • Open your enderchest anywhere.
  • Access to /repair
    • Repair any item in your hand.
  • Access to /afk
    • Able to idle in the server without getting kicked.
  • Access to /ext
    • Extinguish yourself from fire.
  • Access to /fly
    • Able to /fly in all mines.
  • Access to /back
    • Return back to the place where you were before.
  • Access to /kittycannon
    • Throws away explosive cats.
  • Access to /fireball
    • Throws away explosive fire balls.
  • Access to /repair all
    • Repairs all the items in your inventory.
  • Access to /rename
    • Ability to rename any item in your hand.

TRAVELER KIT (18-Hour cooldown)

  • Diamond Armor
    • Protection 10
    • Unbreaking 10
  • Diamond Sword
    • Sharpness 12
    • Fire Aspect 2
    • Unbreaking 12
  • Diamond Pickaxe
    • Efficiency 30
    • Fortune 25
    • Unbreaking 25
  • 50 Golden Apples
  • 20 God Apples


Upon purchasing this package, you will acquire everything enumerated above, accompanied by:

  • $3,750,000,000 IGM
  • 900 Points